Adult-ing Is Not For Me



Watching my daughter grow in her first year of life has allowed me the opportunity to discover a profound truth….

Kids have it right.

They laugh and play. They are uncomplicated and captivating. They have extremely short memories. They are willing to try and fail without reservation. And let’s not forget the joy!

You see, there is a reason Jesus taught on childlikeness. Jesus values the simple innocence and trust of a child. He actually said that without it you cannot enter God’s kingdom (Matthew 18:3). So as adults, we have to relearn the ways of childlikeness.

Let’s be honest though. It’s hard to be like a child when you are an adult. We have had many experiences to draw from. We have extraordinarily long memories. We are self-conscious and self-centered. We have our fears reinforced over and over again. We have “matured’ (or so we think).

The problem is that we bring all of those experiences (in many cases “baggage”) into our relationships with God. Then we don’t trust, hope, love or have peace. Although we know we should, we find it almost impossible to learn a new and childlike way.

So today, let us be innocent and simple like children with God. Let us have joy in God’s presence and peace in our hearts. Let us battle against our complications with the simplicity that is in Christ. Let us trust in God’s grace that it truly isn’t about our performance. Let us be unafraid to love others, with the love of God, even if we have been hurt before. Let us receive God’s forgiveness, and pass it along to others, with the short memory of a child. And more than anything, be excellent to yourself and others as God has been excellent to you in Christ!


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