Keep It Simple

“Less is more” – Robert Browning


This morning I went for a walk with my beautiful daughter. The weather was perfect: 79°F and Sunny with a slight breeze. About five minutes into the walk, I noticed my daughter was no longer playing with her toys. I stopped the stroller to walk around only to find her smiling as she looked up at the trees. While I’m sure this is a common response for a 7 month old, it was something more for me. I was reminded in a single moment of the power of simplicity.

For a majority of my life, I’ve been involved with a lot of things (i.e. sports, church, small groups, social gatherings, outreach events, mentoring, etc.). While those things are certainly not bad things, I allowed them to feed my desire to be wanted. I felt that the more I was involved with, the more important I was. I have since learned an important lesson in life: less is MORE.

Rather than overcommitting and under-delivering,  I’ve learned to simplify. How do you simplify when life feels chaotic? Here’s what worked for me:

1. Limit Your Commitments

Not every need has your name on it. Step back and decide what should take priority in your life. For me, I’m committed wholeheartedly to two things in my life:

  • My Relationship With God
  • Leading My Family and Spending Quality Time With Them

Although I still have other commitments (i.e. Work, Small Groups, Friends, etc.), the two mentioned above are priority. Remove the need to feel important. When you commit to less, you make room to give more to the things you’re actually committed to.

2. “NO” Is Not A Dirty Word

When you’ve spent your entire life wanting to be needed, it’s difficult to say no. On the other hand, saying yes to everyone means you’re more than likely saying no to the ones who need you most.

3. Slow Down

Too often in life, we overthink things. We spend so much time attempting to understand why things happen that we neglect the most beautiful moments right in front of us. Slow down. Whatever is right in front of you, give it your full attention.

“Be still, and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

Take some time this weekend to reconsider your priorities. Keep it simple. Love God. Love others.


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