Why So Serious?

Say Cheese!

Funny Cat

You love funny stuff. Admit it. We all do. But let’s be honest, sometimes laughter seems so far away. At every turn, you’re reminded of mistakes, hurts, and pains. How do you smile when all you seem think about are your failures?

That was the question I asked while attempting to pull my life back together at the age of 27. I had experienced a failed marriage and had let down many people that I loved deeply including my church and my family. My life that was once seemingly “perfect” had crumbled before my eyes.

I was at a crossroads. I could either allow my setback to set-in and lead me into a life of sin and depression or I could rise up and allow God to use my mistakes and turn it into a miracle. I wish I could say the choice was easy, but it wasn’t. The enemy was constantly reminding me of my failures and convincing me that my life was a waste.

Then there was another voice that showed up in a still, small voice that reminded me of that “you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. – Genesis 50:20” God wasn’t done with me. It was at the point that I uttered the words, “I want my life to count for something.”

Today, my story is now being used to connect with others and to help them find purpose in their story of struggle. I have a beautiful family with my wife and two children.

I don’t smile because I am proud of my failures. I smile because there is a God who has made ALL THINGS NEW in my lifeDon’t let your mistakes define you, let God refine your mistakes.


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