When God Feels Distant

Several years ago, I was driving through the mountains on my way to Tennessee when I decided to make an important phone call to get directions to where I was going (I know, I should have gotten the directions before started my trip — don’t judge me). As I dialed the number (yes, while driving — again, no judging), I clicked on the send button only to see a message appear that read: “Call Failed.” In a panic, I tried to make the call over and over but continued to come away with nothing. Desperate to make a connection in my time of loss, I finally pulled over to a store that had a landline phone. Within minutes, I got directions and was on my way to where I needed to be.

Have you ever felt that way with God? You know, that moment in life when you decide you know what’s best for your life so you start out on a journey without any clear direction?

I currently lead a small group where men openly share their stories of struggle. Although the backgrounds vary dramatically, most of the men appear to have a common denominator. Each of them started on a journey towards freedom only to learn that freedom was not a destination that they could navigate themselves to. Somewhere along the way, they began traveling down this road that looked like freedom (i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, relationships, etc.), but was nothing more than a prison in disguise.

While some of the men admitted to the feeling that God was distant in their time of struggle, they have all now realized that God was close through it all. The problem was not that God was far away, the problem was that they were running away from God.

“God is our refuge and strength,
    a very present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

Whatever you’re facing today, I want you to know that God is near and He is faithful. You don’t have to clean your life up before you come to him. Just turn around, He’s waiting with open arms. Get connected to the God of second chances today.


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