While I’m Waiting….

A few days ago, I made the decision to call Verizon Wireless to cancel one of the extra phone lines on our account. While I was excited to accomplish this task knowing it would save us money, I forgot how much I hate waiting! After dialing the number for customer service, I was greeted by an automated voice message (not a real person) telling me how much they valued me as a customer. That was immediately followed by “please wait, as our call volume is higher than normal. You may experience higher than normal wait times.”

As a former Verizon employee, I knew that this automated message was “standard” and that my wait times probably wouldn’t be longer than 5-10 minutes, or so I thought. Now, 40 minutes later, I found myself getting frustrated because the only thing getting in the way of me disconnecting a phone line from my account was…..TIME. I thought, “Are you kidding me? It would literally take less than five minutes to actually disconnect the line and I’m stuck here on hold for almost an hour!” Thirty minutes later, now totaling one-hour and ten minutes on hold, I was greeted with an actual person who resolved my situation in three minutes.

My face was red, my body temperature elevated, and my tone was probably louder than it should have been. It wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I realized God was trying to teach me something. You see, this call was representative to a situation I was facing in my life. Over the past couple months, I have been applying for more jobs than I can count. Each time I applied, I went through the same process: (1) Apply for the job, then wait… (2) Have a phone interview, then wait… (3)Have a face-to-face interview, then wait…

One thing was consistent….WAITING. 

Here is what God is currently teaching me on the topic of waiting:

Lesson #1: While you’re waiting, do something 

Stop living in misery because you’re waiting. Be productive and make the most of the time that you have. Spend your waiting time simply reflecting on God’s faithfulness in your life.

Lesson #2: While you’re waiting, be a blessing

Look around you. There are plenty of people in need of a blessing, take advantage of it. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Send a letter to a hurting friend. Give a smile and a hug (they’re free)!

Lesson #3: While you’re waiting, find a blessing

As mentioned before, look around! Maybe it’s the colors of the trees reminding you that seasons change and that your new season is on its way. Maybe it’s seeing an elderly married couple at lunch, reminding you of the beauty of commitment. Whatever you do, look for the blessings around you.

Lesson #4: While you’re waiting, remember who’s in control.

Two scriptures come to mind when I think about waiting.

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Don’t spend your time stressed over the things you can’t control. Be faithful in the things you can control. Remember that God’s in control.

Reflect. Be a blessing. Find a blessing. Remember. 


2 thoughts on “While I’m Waiting….

  1. Hey Stuart! I loved this post! It made me think of this song from Fireproof!

    Patience is one of the Fruits of the Spirit that I pray for daily! 🙂

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