The Attributes of God – Omnipresence

Over the last several weeks, I have been studying the attributes of God. Some of the attributes have been quite challenging to comprehend, but I must admit that my understanding of God has increased immensely. I have decided that for the next few weeks, I will share a little bit of what I’m learning. I hope that you will be challenged to grow deeper in your understanding of God in hopes that you will grow closer to the heart of God.

Today’s Attribute of God: Omnipresence.

Omnipresence signifies that God is present in the totality of his being at each point in space. In other words, there isn’t one part of God in one place and another part of Him at a different place. God transcends all spacial limitations and is present at all places at once in His total being.

So what does this mean to us?

Wherever you are, be ALL there! God doesn’t merely give you a portion of Himself, He gives you all that He is. Too often in today’s society we see people who are present physically, but absent mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Let’s look at a few examples.

If you go out to dinner and look around you, I would guess that a majority of people are texting with someone else rather than engaging in the conversation around them. In many marriages, both spouses are present physically, but have mentally and emotionally checked out of the relationship. In churches, people show up to make a physical appearance, but rarely show up to worship wholeheartedly without distraction.

Since God has set such a great example of being present wholly in each moment through his attribute of omnipresence, let’s make a practice of trying to be fully present in each moment of each day. If you’re at dinner, leave your phone in the car and enjoy those around you. In your relationships, give the attention that you once neglected to your significant other. At church, engage with the Creator and worship Him with awe and reverence.


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