The Rocky IV Challenge

Today was Day 1 of the Rocky IV Challenge, a challenge given to the staff and other leaders of Elevation Church to make sure that we take very seriously the condition of our physical health.



Before today, I can honestly say that my physical health was not something that was a priority for me. Although I often found many ways to complain about my physical appearance, doing something about it was at best a thought in the back of my mind….until today!

Have you ever found yourself in that position? If you’re like me, there are times you sit on the couch watching sports and workout infomercials thinking to yourself, “I’m going to look like that one day,” while knowing deep down that the only way that will happen is if God turns that potato chip your eating into a piece of broccoli while digesting in your stomach!

While it would be awesome to “get fit” just by watching people workout on television without actually putting in the sweat and pain, it’s not reality. The same is true in our walk with Christ. Many people show up to church on Sunday mornings to be fed a great sermon by a Pastor in hopes that they will become spiritual giants without actually spending time in prayer, in the Word, etc. Growing in your relationship with Christ is a process. 

Whether you are struggling with your physical health or spiritual health, results are a product of what you put into it. Just because you don’t see the results immediately does NOT mean it’s not working. When you feel like giving up, keep going!

Here’s my challenge to you today:

Push your self beyond your level of comfort both physically and spiritually for the next 30 days. Set goals that are realistic but difficult. Find an accountability partner and prepare for the results!



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