Problems, Potential, Priorities

Life is full of problems. In fact, the majority of life is living from problem to problem and trying to make the best of it. Although problems may be considered the greatest obstacle to a good testimony, they also present the greatest opportunity to a good testimony.

So why is life full of problems? The answer is simple. It’s because sin operates in our world. Because sin exists in the world we live in, we all face great trouble and tribulations.

Life is also full of potential. God has packed within each one of us energy, talents, gifts, enthusiasm, creativity, love, etc. Potential can best be explained as an untapped resource of God’s creativity within us.

How do we maximize our potential? We do this by being obedient to the commands of Jesus in Acts 20:35 which say, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” When we give what we’ve been given, we start becoming more like Jesus!

Although life is full of problems and potential, the most important “P” that I want to share with you is priorities. According to Pastor Johnny Hunt, “Priorities are simply the precedents you set for life.” In other words, your priorities are the things in your life that you make time for. It may be yourself, your child/children, your job, sports, etc. Whatever your priorities may be, the truth is that when you properly prioritize your life, you begin to lay a strong foundation for a good testimony.

In essence, life is an ongoing mix of problems, potential, and priorities:

Problems may hinder your testimony

Potential may help your testimony

Priorities are the heart of your testimony

I encourage you right now as you’re reading this to step back and identify your problems. Look for the potential that God wants to work out in those problems (Romans 8:28) and prioritize the presence of God in each situation. When you do this, you will experience freedom in a way you have never experienced it before.


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