Does someone else’s failure make you happy?

It’s a sad day when you’re more excited to see the team you hate lose rather than the team you love win.

I’ve experienced this recently. I used to simply cheer for the Dallas Cowboys and cheer against the Washington Redskins and the San Fransisco Forty-whiners, I mean 49ers.  But I recently crossed the line and became more interested in seeing those teams lose than to see the Cowboys win. Partly because Dallas is having a bad season this year, but also because people who are close to me like the other teams and I’ve just grown to hate those teams so much that I’d rather see them fail than see my own team succeed.

Often many individuals fall in to this same mindset. They almost rejoice more when they see bad things happen to people they disagree with rather than when God is doing good things in their lives.

For a sports fan, it’s sad. For a follower of Jesus, it’s tragic. Anytime we get to the point where we’re rejoicing over the failures of others, we should weep. And then repent.

I wonder if the problem is that it’s hard for us to accept the fact that Jesus Christ loved and died for others just as much as He did for us.

We have to get to the place where we see the success of the others as our own success. And their failure as our failure.

When you see someone fail, even if it’s because of their own sin or stupidity, don’t praise God for their failure. Pray to Him for their restoration and redemption.

But first, how about praising God for your own successes? Praise God for His faithfulness in your life. That’s where your most intense worship should be anyways.


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