Thoughts On Relationships

Over the past several years, God has taught me a lot about relationships. Although I am still no expert, I do want to share some key things that God has shown me that may help you with the relationships you have in your life; whether it be a spouse, a family member, a friend, etc.

1. People cannot be the source of all our encouragement and love.

When you begin to depend on humans to be your source of all your encouragement and love, you’re setting yourself up for a letdown. I’m not saying that all people are bad people, I’m just pointing out a simple fact: Humans can’t handle that job. We’re not made for it. To expect someone to be the source of ALL your encouragement and love is to put an expectation on them that is unattainable.

All of your encouragement and love must be rooted in Jesus. He is the ONLY one made for that role.

2. It’s impossible for someone to come into our lives and complete all the areas he or she was never meant to complete.

Have you ever done that? Tried to find someone to “complete” you? You looked for them to be the one that fills the void you have in your heart. If you feel alone, you look to them to be the person that is always there for you. If you struggle with feelings of insecurity, you look to them to be the person that makes you feel secure. The problem with this again is that humans can’t handle that job. We’re not made for it. No one person will ever fulfill the holes you have in your life. Stop running to people and start running to Jesus.

Jesus is the ONLY one who can fill the voids in your life.

3. Relationships are NOT 50/50

I believe one of the greatest struggles in relationships are when one person feels like they are the one that always tries. It becomes an argument on who gives more time, energy, emotions, love, etc. Here’s the reality. Relationships are NOT 50/50; they’re 90/10, 20/80, 60/40, etc. What do I mean by that? There are days where all you can give is 20 and the other person has to give 80. Then there are days where they can only give 10 and you need to pick them up. That’s how relationships work. It’s give and take. Relationships require submission from all parties involved.

There is ONLY one person who can give 100% all the time and He proved his commitment to you when He hung on that tree!

Regardless of the relationships you have in your life, the reality is that you will only find 100% fulfillment in one relationship. That is the relationship between you and Jesus. He is the ONLY one qualified to complete you. Spend time with Him today!


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