Living A Better Life

We all have a story. It’s our life. Whether or not your story is worth telling is completely up to you.

What is a story? A story consists of a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it. 

Now that we have defined what a story consists of, I want to ask you a few questions. Don’t think too in-depth about them, just answer with the first thing that comes to your mind. If your life is a story:

1. Who is the main character?

2. What does the main character want?

3. What conflict will the main character overcome to get it?

If you’re like me, you’re answers probably went something like this (with slight variations). Who is the main character? ME. What does the main character want? To be happy, live a comfortable life, and make the best of life. What will the main character overcome to get it? The trials of life.

If you’re answers were something like this, I want to share with you four reasons your story (life) might not be worth telling.

1. You have cast the wrong main character.

Your life is not about you. Everything that has happened in your life has not happened to bring you glory; rather, it has happened to bring God glory! If your story doesn’t revolve around God’s glory, it’s probably not worth telling. The main character in your story is not you, it is Jesus.

2. You’re working off the wrong screenplay

Rather than following Jesus, somewhere along the lines you decided to think, plan, and act on what you thought was best for your life. Only the director of the movie can tell you where the story is really going. NEWSFLASH: YOU’RE NOT THE DIRECTOR! Get out of the director’s chair and let God get you back to the right screenplay!

3. What we want isn’t worth enough

Have you ever noticed that some things in this life aren’t worth fighting for. If what you want is worth everything to you, you will do whatever it takes to get it! In the movie Braveheart, William Wallace did whatever it took so that Scotland could experience “FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!” What he wanted was worth losing everything for! What in your life is worth losing everything for?

4. We try to skip the scenes in our story that we don’t like

What would Jesus’ death on the cross have meant if He wouldn’t have lived a perfect life? It would have been just another death right? The struggles that you have faced in your life are nothing more than a set-up for the ending that brings God glory!

If Jesus didn’t die for you, He couldn’t rise for you. If He didn’t rise for you, He couldn’t live through you.

So let’s ask these questions again:

1. Who is the main character? God

2. What does the main character want? Complete supremacy

3. What conflict will the main character overcome to get it? Whatever it takes.



This blog was written based on a sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick.