Christmas is ALL about the Presence!

The Christmas season really is all about Presence. But it’s not the presents we give or receive, it’s about the presence we experience. This Christmas could be another year of visiting family, overeating and listening to more Christmas music than you can handle, or it could be the year God’s Presence changes your community, your relationships and your life.

I remember as a young child sitting outside the house in the driveway at 6:00pm with my twin brother on Christmas Eve as we both began looking into the sky in anticipation that we might actually see Santa and his reindeer (don’t judge, you probably did to)! The reason we were looking was because we knew that Santa was carrying the things that brought us happiness. Of course the fairytale ending came a few years later when we learned that Santa was actually a combination of my mom and dad.

The reason I tell you this is because my Christmas experience is still very similar. Although I do not sit in the driveway anticipating the arrival of Santa, I do go through the Christmas season in great anticipation for the presence of God! I look for God’s presence in chaotic stores as people seem to be living out the famous Christmas verse “Peace on earth, good will towards men” (that’s a joke by the way)!

My prayer for you as that as you enter this Christmas season, you will not be consumed by the presents you give and receive; rather, you will seek God’s presence and allow that to consume your life, your family, and your community.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7


One thought on “Christmas is ALL about the Presence!

  1. Thank you! I have been thinking about the Holy Spirit lately and how I have been told our bodies are a temple to be kept pure. I understand now that we do so because the Holy spirit is within us. My question is what happens to the spirit within if we stop living the life GOD has intended for us, will he eventually leave us? The reason I ask is for the people I have seen who were in Christ and now for some reason have lost the passion, How could they just forget about the Greatness God has provided for them, sometimes I just don’t have a clue.

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